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Ireland is a dynamic and world-class location for international production. Our excellent skilled crew base, well-established studios and technical infrastructure combined with our breath-taking scenery and generous tax credit make Ireland a central hub for Television and feature film production. 


TW Films has an excellent working relationship with Screen Ireland, who have been instrumental in supporting our projects and members of our company in their professional development so we are extremely well placed to access film development and production funding. We are also based in the West of Ireland so have access to regional funding through the Western Regional Audiovisual Producers Fund, funding through Tax Rebate scheme Section 481 and funding through the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland


Ireland's 32% – 37%* Tax Credit for Film, Television and Animation 

  • €70 million per project cap

  • No annual limit

  • International cast and crew working in Ireland qualify

  • Available on all goods and services sourced in Ireland


‘Section 481' is a tax credit, incentivising film and TV, animation and creative documentary production in Ireland, administered by Ireland’s Department of Culture and the Revenue Commissioners (Revenue).


5% Regional Uplift

Projects substantially produced in the regions (outside Dublin/Wicklow and Cork City and County) benefit from or up to 5% uplift subject to specific training related requirements. The 5% uplift applies in 2019 and 2020, 3% in 2021 and 2% in 2022.

What is the ‘Section 481' credit worth?

The rate of tax credit is worth up to 32% of eligible Irish expenditure. In additional there is a 5% uplift for project shooting in the regions, bringing the value of the tax credit up to 37%* in these circumstances. See more detailed information on the regional uplift below.

Eligible expenditure criteria

The payable tax credit is based on the cost of all cast and crew working in Ireland, and all goods and services sourced in Ireland. This includes post-production and/or VFX.

What types of projects qualify?

The incentive applies to feature film, television drama (singles or series), animation (excluding computer games) and creative documentary. Projects must satisfy the Culture Test and the Industry Development Test. See further information below. 

Who is eligible to apply?

Applicatons to the Department of Culture (for a qualifying film certification) and then to the Revenue (for payment), is made by the 'Producer Company'.

When is the rebate paid?

Option A — Single Instalment:

On delivery of the project, submission of a qualifying film certification and submission of a compliance report to Revenue, payment of 100% of the tax credit may be paid by Revenue.

Option B — Two Instalments:

First instalment being 90% of the tax credit due, upon: 

  1. Financial Closing, including proof that 68% of eligible expenditure is lodged to the project's production account;

  2. Screen Ireland confirmation (Screen Ireland funded projects only); or

  3. Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) approval (BAI funded projects only); or

  4. An equivalent EEA state established body;

  5. Submission of a qualifying film certificate as issued by the Department of Culture; and

Second and final instalment being 10% balance on delivery of the project and submission of compliance report to Revenue.


We are directly involved with Panic Post production in the West of Ireland as well as having a great relationships with EGG Post production, Promenade, Windmill Lane and Ray Gun Post Production in Dublin. As our team have worked extensively on commercials and high end television we are brilliantly placed to attract the best production and post production crew in Ireland. Our back catalogue of successful short films means we have great connections with all the major film festivals.

We have worked with some of Ireland's top talent agencies and casting directors including Louise Kiely Casting, and Maureen Hughes Casting, which means we have a genuine opportunity to present projects to Ireland's world class acting talent.


We also have a base in Los Angeles since shooting She’s Missing with access to top casting directors, A list talent and distributers in the US.

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